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In the fall of 2001, a friend of President Ms. Carter, Inc. was misdiagnosed with severe arthritis instead of lupus. She was given the wrong medication and was treated with steroids for lupus immediately. The intense reaction from the drugs caused her to go into a coma with a diagnosis of 12 hours to live. She survived after 14 hours and it took her a year to regain all of her faculties. What was discovered later was that 75% of diagnosed cases of lupus are African American women and 15% are Latino Women. 


Realizing a change was imperative, Ms. Carter left her career as a Corporate Financial Executive to the healthcare industry to provide health information and education to underserved communities.  Ms. Carter knew executives in healthcare that had health information and she knew communities that needed it.  Ms. Carter not only wanted to provide health information, but she also wanted to influence policy that would create systemic change.


Because of Ms. Carter's work with underserved communities, she was invited to serve on health task forces and work with legislators on health policy.  Ms. Carter was invited to provide her diverse community engagement expertise to the Affordable Care Act health task force.  She worked as a liaison between the ethnically diverse communities and the task force.  While working on the ACA and consulting for various health entities Ms. Carter became aware of the necessity to create a platform that would involve health, policy, community, and employers.  The platform resulted in the birth of Health Legal Web later evolving into Diverse Health Information, Inc.  Our programs are reflective of Ms. Carter's vision, commitment, and experience.

Founder & President


Ms. Carter’s corporate career included 14 years of senior management in the areas of merger & acquisitions, auditing, financial systems implementations, corporate taxes, budgeting, and implementation of change management systems, domestically and internationally.  Some of the companies she worked for included Arthur Anderson, Lehman Brothers & Paramount Pictures.  Her expertise lies in collaboration, strategic alliances, market development, and client accountability. 


Ms. Carter's corporate international career included opening offices in Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia with a focus on health care system improvements.  Ms. Carter became a consultant to international Prime Ministers of Health on the continents of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. In addition to working with the Prime Ministers of Health, Ms. Carter assisted women from those continents to export their products to the United States of America.



UNC Master’s in Public Health (MPH),   Harvard (MBA),  Tulane (BSM),  (BS Chemistry/{Physics)  & BS(Finance-Accounting)



Ms. Carter's interned at the British Broadcast Company (BBC) in London, England at the age of seventeen.  After completing post-graduate studies, Ms. Carter taught Econometrics at Chiang Mai University in Northern Thailand. 


She has served on corporate boards, and advisory boards, mentored high school, and college women, and provided financial support to disadvantaged young women and women. 


In addition to assisting women, she is committed to developing young girls.  The invaluable training she received as a Girl Scout has helped her in her professional life therefore she gives back by assisting them with developing an international business program for the girls.  She works with Junior Achievement teaching International Business to youth in the Chicago Public School and The Girl Scouts. On October 24, 2009, Ms. Carter designed a program in collaboration with the Girl Scouts and Junior Achievement to have the first International Business Summit for 60 high school girls.


As an avid cyclist and swimmer, our President & CEO Ms. Carter supports youth swimming programs. She has been appointed the Goodwill Ambassador for Urban Swimmers. Ms. Carter supports healthy fitness and lifestyle by working with local high school girls' swim teams.  Ms. Carter is preparing for her first sprint triathlon in June 2023 on the island of Sint Maarten. 


Ms. Carter enjoys making natural perfume, traveling, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, water skiing, writing, reading, and mentoring women and young girls.

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