Information Influencers

Diverse Health information, inc. provides conferences, seminars, and panel discussions on cutting-edge health topics.  Industry leaders, specialists, academics, and government officials participate in our programs.


Policy Engagement Influencers
Diverse Health information, inc. brings together health professionals, legislators and community influencers in an environment that encourages problem-solving and collaboration of ideas that affect public policy.


Cultural Engagement & Enhancement
Diverse Health information, inc. takes a holistic 3-prong approach to helping health entities to create a healthy and inclusive environment for communities of color.  The areas of engagement and enhancement are Bedside Manners, Environmental Health Justice, and Clinical Trials & Research Participation.


Business Employer Wellness Influencers

"Healthy Employees=Healthy Companies" 

Diverse Health information, inc., takes a holistic approach by providing information to employees and employers to create a healthy workplace environment for employees and the organization.


Community Healthy Lifestyle Influencers

Diverse Health information, inc., focused community approach includes three initiatives; "Healthy Communities = A Healthy World", Create the Change You Want to See" and "Train the Trainer".

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