Healthy Living Women N' Health  FORUM is the most comprehensive, informational, and live interactive event for Women Clinicians & Health Professionals space who often take care of others and neglect themselves.  The event provides information and tools that encourage them to improve their quality of life.


Join us in this annual event to engage in invaluable self-care information on Fitness, Health, Nutrition, and Finances.  Join us for this virtual cutting-edge event. You can participate by computer or cellphone. 


Participation: Private Invite 


Health Living N' 1 Hour BIWOWomen FORUM is the most comprehensive, informational, and live interactive annual event for BIWOC  (Black, Indigenous, Women of Color) women, Women Clinicians & Health Professionals. The information is cultural-based to a group of women who have historically been excluded from receiving valued information.


Participation: Private Invite 



 Healthy Living 4 Women


In celebration of Women's Health, join us for a fun-filled Meet and Greet Networking event.


Attendance: Private Invite   

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